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        The EMS Cooperative is a body of the Universal Postal Union with more than 180 member countries who work together to provide EMS – Express Mail Service – the fastest cross-border postal product. The EMS Cooperative promotes cooperation between its member posts to provide customers with a high quality, competitive Express Mail Service (EMS) worldwide.

        The EMS Cooperative is structured around three management bodies:

        • the General Assembly, composed of all members of the EMS Cooperative,
        • the EMS Cooperative Board, composed of nine elected ad personam members, and
        • the EMS Unit, the executive arm of the Cooperative, which is based at the International Bureau of the UPU.

        The UPU is an inter-governmental organization and the primary forum for cooperation between governments, Posts and other stakeholders of the worldwide postal sector. It works to maintain the universal network, establish the rules for international mail exchange among its 192 members and improves the quality of service for customers.


        Since 1999, the EMS Cooperative has developed a number of initiatives assisting members to improve their EMS service for international express?customers worldwide, including:

        • 心肌梗死的症状Audit and Measurement programme心肌梗死的症状 - measuring the performance of EMS operators worldwide.
        • 心肌梗死的症状EMS Pay-for-performance心肌梗死的症状 - to drive performance improvements EMS Pay-for-performance links payment for delivery of EMS items to the quality of service performed.?
        • 心肌梗死的症状EMS Performance Awards心肌梗死的症状 - on the basis of the Audit and Measurement Programme results, EMS Cooperative members that achieve high levels of delivery performance are recognized by Gold, Silver and Bronze EMS Performance Awards.
        • 心肌梗死的症状Customer Service System -心肌梗死的症状 an online system for postal operators, provides an efficient and effective means of communication to improve EMS call centre service to customers.
        • 心肌梗死的症状EMS Customer Care Awards心肌梗死的症状 recognize high quality replies and requests sent through the Customer Service System.
        • 心肌梗死的症状Online resources心肌梗死的症状 - EMS Cooperative members can access the full EMS Cooperative website and the EMS Operational Guide online database

        To help members improve their quality of service the Cooperative delivers a 心肌梗死的症状programme of training and events心肌梗死的症状 including

        • EMS Global Workshops and the annual EMS Cooperative General Assembly
        • EMS Symposiums for Senior Management
        • Regional training
        • Topic-based training, such as EMS Pay-for-performance or reports workshops
        • Individual operator performance reviews.