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        EMS awards

        As EMS operators are working hard to sustain EMS during the global pandemic, it is worth taking time to reflect on and congratulate the EMS award winners from 2019. EMS award winners are part of an exclusive group within the EMS network and the 2019 winners provide customers with outstanding EMS service.

        In total, 36?members have EMS awards for their performance in 2019, reflecting efforts made by the EMS Cooperative and its members to raise the standard of the EMS service.

        Postal operators have to achieve high levels of service to win the EMS Cooperative's two categories of awards: EMS Performance Awards and EMS Customer Care Awards.


        Eighteen operators were presented with awards for their excellent EMS customer care:

        Algeria Bhutan China (People's Rep) Italy Mongolia? Thailand
        Azerbaijan Burundi? Hong Kong, China Korea (Rep) Samoa United Arab Emirates
        Belarus Cambodia Georgia Macao, China Saudi Arabia Viet Nam

        The winning recipients were notified of their success by the UPU Director General,?Bishar A. Hussein in April. The EMS Extraordinary General Assembly has been postponed but the awards will be presented at a special ceremony during the next EMS Cooperative General Assembly.